For the second time this week, I woke up to the sound of thunder. Which is amazing because I feel like it never truly storms here. They’ll say that we will get crazy rain, but it ends up drizzling throughout the day. Once I heard the thunder, I knew today’s run was off (I’m not as bold as Fleur over at Fleur Cotton!). But that’s OK, I have a long run tomorrow morning anyways for half-marathon training so it’s probably for the best.


I didn’t realize they were taking pictures at last weekend’s 4M… so when I got an email about it yesterday, I was like awesome! There was only one of me front and center, and it’s probably the worst race photo ever.

Apparently I was so tired, I was napping during the race? Maybe I should submit it to Skinny Runner for her ugly race photos series… At least I got a good laugh out of it!


Speaking of laugh, this cracked me up earlier this week.

I have no idea what they were doing, but they came into the kitchen and lined up like that. I missed the memo of what was so good that you had to wait in line for it.


Also earlier this week, I finally caught up on my magazine reading. I subscribe to Runner’s World, Real Simple and Cooking Light. I try to read them as they come in, but sometimes they stack up because I never have enough time to do everything. Coincidentally, Real Simple just did a study about women and time.


I’m not alone… about 50 percent of American women feel like they don’t have enough time. The survey said that 29 percent have less than 45 minutes a day of free time! I feel like I at least have a few hours, but I still can’t fit in everything I want to do. How nice would it be to be a vampire for like a week so you wouldn’t have to worry about sleep or getting tired? I would be so productive. Do you feel like you need more time? 


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