Remember how I was so excited about the Lil Homies we were going to get on Cinco de Mayo? Yeah, didn’t happen… we were so excited and ordered our Homie-rita, only to find out that they weren’t giving them out on Cinco de Mayo. Lame! You know what’s even more lame? We still had to pay the Homie-rita price, sans Homie!

Other than that, Cinco de Mayo was fun. We hit up Baby Bo’s for dinner which is seriously the BEST Mexican food in the city. I promise. I also tried duck for the first time, but didn’t like it. I mean, it tastes fine and all but all I could think about were the cute little ducks I saw in Prospect Park that morning… same reason why I can’t eat lamb. Even though I grew up naming and playing with the cows and chickens that later found their way to our freezer… weird, I know.

So what’s the best way to celebrate Seis de Mayo? Recovering from Cinco de Mayo. Which meant I turned into Martha Stewart for the day. I FINALLY worked on my super-secret wedding project (any guesses yet?) that I mentioned a few weeks months ago… nearly done so you’ll get to see it soon (along with the invites… pictures coming!). And, I also mastered the art of crocheting a flower, something that I’ve tried a gazillion times.

This all made it very hard to get excited for Monday. Truthfully, the thing that motivates me to get up on a Monday morning is running… otherwise I’d probably still be floundering in bed, justifying hitting snooze every seven minutes. Probably be cuddling next to this guy, who is apparently already having a rough morning…

too much fun on the monster cat tree?

I did a short five miles in Prospect Park and the temperature was perfect. So sad that it’s supposed to rain all week (again). I tried formalizing my strategy for the Brooklyn Half while I ran, but think its too early. So instead I started debating about which NYRR races I’ll sign up for today when registration opens.

How did you celebrate Seis de Mayo? What gets you out of bed on Mondays? 

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