Seriously, why do Tuesday mornings hate me so much? I always have a rough time getting up on Tuesdays. It makes me feel like all the time I spent trying to convert myself to a morning person was a waste. This morning I had big plans to squeeze in a seven miler. But, by time I rolled out of bed and stretched, there was no way that was going to happen… so I scaled back to five. And decided to do some telephone light poles. Which felt great. I got to pass people sweat a lot and push my legs to the limit.

Yesterday NYRR opened up registration for summer races. Well, kind of. Instead of opening up registration for the 20 or so runs that they’ll hold this summer, they opened it for about six races. One of which I’m interested in running: Boomer’s Cystic Fibrosis Run to Breathe. Cystic fibrosis is just one of those disease that breaks my heart so I’m happy that NYRR is hosting a run to help raise money in the fight against it. Boomer Esiason is behind the race (and benefiting organization), who is a former NFL player that C knew about instantly when I said his name.

(my cat is one of the most uncoordinated creatures I’ve ever seen. sorry, just watching him “climb” on the cat tree… hilarious)

Today marks the opening day of registration for another super important and exciting race…

It is early registration so anyone who has run a four hour marathon or better can register. I really enjoyed this race (minus Allen Parkway and the crazy stomach/side pains) and can’t wait to run it again. Besides, there are way too many 13s in the date for me to NOT run: January 13, 2013. It may also kick off a super special and fun challenge for next year… still convincing C that it is the best idea ever.
Are you registering for any races soon? What’s your favorite number? 

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