So I was really excited when I woke up this morning for two reasons: a) it wasn’t raining and b) that meant I would finally get to try out my new Oiselle running shorts! I started following Oiselle on Twitter a few months ago and fell in love with their clothing line. As my reward for running Boston (a more suitable one for running through that heat would have been a week vacation on the beach, but you know), I bought myself the distance shorts in crush.


I will write a full review later this weekend but these are SO amazing. I have been running in Nike Tempo shorts but I feel like they give me a saggy bottom and I don’t like all the extra fabric these shorts have. Anyways, the distance shorts felt incredible. So comfortable, so functional. Fifteen thumbs up.


I came across this awesome virtual race and you guys have to check it out. Lauren over at Duck on the Run is hosting a virtual race to raise money for Parkinson’s disease. All you have to do is contribute $5 and run at some point during the week. ¬†You’ll automatically be signed up to WIN some awesome things, like a Road ID product or Bondi Band headbands. Definitely worth it to give some money to a great cause for a chance to win some sweet swag!


Have you heard about THIS? Apparently brides are trying to lose weight to fit into their wedding dress by going on a feeding tube diet. Meaning they hook up a feeding tube through their nose and use that to get nutrients… and don’t eat. Um, really? This is ridiculous. I also heard yesterday that the FDA approved a new diet drug.

I guess I don’t understand why people don’t eat healthy and exercise to lose weight. I mean, I know people have every excuse in the book why they can’t… but do they really think a get quick scheme is going to work for the long haul? So great, you look skinny minnie in your wedding dress… but now you’re back to eating real food, so three months later you don’t even look like that? And plus, if you aren’t eating the right nutrients and relying on a liquid diet, you probably aren’t going to be the happiest person to be around. Combine that with the stress of wedding planning, and it’s not a good situation.

I wish people would learn that its more important to be healthy and happy rather than skinny and miserable. /end rant


I am kicking off a new challenge on May 15. If you follow me on Twitter, you know what this is. I will have a full announcement on Sunday and hope some of you are interesting in joining! It will result in some amazing bikini abs.

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