Yesterday was an amazing day. It was C’s birthday so we kicked off the day with a delicious brunch and then headed to the Yankees game.

They lost. This year, we are 1-4 on the games we’ve gone to. Boo. I think we’re going to tone it down on games until they start winning regularly. I feel like a disappointed parent who’s punishing their kid for acting out. Haha.

And then we went to the cutest little cheese shop in the East Village. Yes, more cheese. They even had some cholesterol free cheese! Next time I’ll try it… but this time, I grabbed some New Zealand Extra Sharp Cheddar.

It was good, but definitely not as sharp as I expected. Someone else loved it too…

Yep, he’s definitely a cheese hound! You would think he was from Wisconsin.

So anyways, I am pretty much a big klutz. I drop stuff all the time, I trip over nothing… nbd. Yesterday we were walking to the subway and I tripped and stubbed my toe on the sidewalk… in flip flops. My big toe now looks like something nasty and hurts just sitting here… let’s not talk about when he sheet rubbed against it last night.

thought i’d save you the “real” view…

I still tried to put on my running shoes this morning like it was a magic cure… it wasn’t too bad until I started running. Let’s hope that an extra rest day or two will fix it… otherwise the Brooklyn Half will not be pretty.


How was your Sunday? Are you a klutz? 

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