I remember when I was in college, the idea of traveling for business sounded so cool. “What, you mean you’ll pay me to go to new places? I’ll have all this time to see everything I ever wanted to!” In reality, it isn’t that awesome.

You have to get up super early.

You have to sacrifice your personal life.

You most likely have to sit in a conference room or building [unless you have a cool and fun job, but then this would all be irrelevant], so you can’t see the sights or even enjoy the weather.

[blurry] views on the train

You end up working three times as much as you do if you are in the office because not only do you have to do [insert event or meeting], but you also have to catch up on everything else that happens while you’re out.

The one pro: You can rack up some awesome rewards points for travel.

So today I am doing all of the above. I woke up earlier than I used to get home some nights…

One of the things I struggle with when I travel is eating. It’s so hard to stick in a routine of eating healthy and drinking water when most times, your only option is grabbing fast food [let me tell you, McFlurry was calling my name this morning at 5 a.m… random] or eating catered food. And most people won’t understand when you say you can’t eat something because you’re on business, so why not splurge?

However, here are some things I’m doing today to make sure I don’t too far off track:

  • From getting up so early, I am not even close to being hungry but did pack a gluten-free bagel with peanut butter, honey butter and banana for either a late breakfast or, if I’m still not hungry, dinner on the way home. However, I have not found out if I will get lunch today so it might be best to eat it when I can.
  • I also brought my own bottle for water and hope to sip on this throughout the day.
  • If I end up eating my bagel for breakfast, I will scope out dinner options at the train station to find something that is a) gluten free and b) nutritious. Between this and this, I’m not sure what I’ll pick.

***Burpee Challenge: Day 3***
Traveling also means that I wasn’t able to do the burpee challenge this morning. I should have a chance to do it when I get home tonight… today is 17! Below is a brief update I’ll post daily (thanks to my SweatPink sisters for the idea!) about the challenge and my thoughts… (want to contribute? Feel free to send me your thoughts about a particular day and I’ll feature you! Email is bklynrunning (at) gmail.com.)

DAY 2: The 30-Day Burpee Challenge
1. How many burpees did you do? 
2. When did you do your burpees? How long did it take you? I did it in the morning after my run. I think it took me about three minutes.
3. Most importantly, how do you feel after day 2? I must admit that my back and arms are slightly sore. My legs aren’t sore, but wondering if they would be tired if I went for a run.


Do you have any tips on how to stay healthy when you travel? Any other pros for traveling on business?

P.S. Super awesome giveaway kicking off later today… stay tuned!

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