Oh, Friday… you are finally here! It has been such an incredibly long week, or is that just me? And tomorrow is the Brooklyn Half… umm so excited! I’m happy that the race kicks off early because its supposed to heat up to 74. Not too hot (especially when compared to Boston!) but not ideal for running in.

***Burpee Challenge: Day 4***
I didn’t do my burpee challenge yet today, but plan to do my 18 burpees before lunch. Last night, I did my burpees right after I got home from traveling all day. I made it to 10 before I was struggling… I think not running right before doing them made a difference! Below is a brief update I’ll post daily (thanks to my SweatPink sisters for the idea!) about the challenge and my thoughts… (want to contribute? Feel free to send me your thoughts about a particular day and I’ll feature you! Email is bklynrunning (at) gmail.com.)

DAY 3: The 30-Day Burpee Challenge
1. How many burpees did you do? 
2. When did you do your burpees? How long did it take you? I did my burpees when I got home from traveling all day. I think it took me about 3 minutes. They seemed easier, but I think part of it was because I didn’t do a run right before them. The last five or so were TOUGH. 
3. Most importantly, how do you feel after day 2? My arms and back were the most sore. My quads didn’t burn as bad as they did on Day 1, is that a sign I’m improving?!


Did you hear about the runner who ran as a bandit in a mud run, paralyzed himself and is now suing the organization for $30 million? That is crazy! I can’t imagine being paralyzed, particularly in my arms… but then again, there was a reason why he didn’t get in! What do you think? I feel like this is so controversial. I feel terrible for the guy, but do you think he deserves compensation for running a race he wasn’t registered in? It’s kind of like those stories you hear about people who rob someone’s home and get hurt, so they sue the homeowner for negligence. Wait… you weren’t even supposed to be there in the first place.


I saw this article earlier this week and it made me so happy.

The article continues to say:

In fact, carrots, onions, pinto beans, lettuce, mashed potatoes, bananas and orange juice are all less expensive per portion than soft drinks, ice cream, chocolate candy, French fries, sweet rolls and deep-fat fried chicken patties, the report says.

“We have all heard that eating a healthy diet is expensive, and people have used that as an excuse for not eating a healthy diet, … but healthy foods do not necessarily cost more than less healthy foods,” says Andrea Carlson, an economist and co-author of the report from the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Economic Research Service.

“The price of potato chips is nearly twice as expensive as the price of carrots by portion size,” she says.

Finally! I hate when people say that it’s “too expensive” to eat healthy. It really isn’t. We often buy a lot of frozen vegetables, and while they may not be as nutritious as fresh foods, they last longer and are much more healthy than eating potato chips or other junk foods. What do you think? Do you think healthier foods are affordable?  

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