I seriously don’t know what was going on with me this morning. My alarm went off at 6 a.m. like usual and since I had a follow up appointment at the doctor this morning, I was going to do a short four miles. But I literally could not get out of bed! I think part of it is the awful weather (it was raining, again) and the fact that Tuesdays are generally rough days for me. It ended up being nearly an hour and a half later when I rolled out of bed. Yep. #winning

However, it wasn’t a complete disaster! I did get my 23 burpees in for the day. Since I want to get up to 50 by the end of the challenge, I increased by two today. It was still tough, but I feel like it is getting (somewhat) easier in the beginning. One of my friends really wants me to see how many I can do in seven minutes, but I feel like I need to conquer this challenge first.

Last night I had the opportunity to participate in my second Twitter Chat with FitFluential! If you’ve never done one of these, you have to! It’s so fun and a great way to connect with other people who love health and fitness as much as you do. The chat was about Blue Diamond Almonds. Did you know that almonds are GREAT for you?

I loved the energy that was all over Twitter with this chat, and I also loved that it showed how SMART we are getting about eating healthy! I’ve always struggled with my weight and in high school, I’ll admit that I was on some crazy diets. I remember it was all about being thin, not being healthy. Back then, I would have chosen a chemically-filled food with zero calories or fat over one that has “good” fats for my body, like almonds. It’s important that we focus on the right foods to make sure we are giving our body the nutrients it needs to be healthy, which means that being the right size for you will fall into place.

And of course, another great lesson that we can learn from almonds is the importance of portion control. There is a difference between eating the right amount of a food and taking it to the extreme of eating way too much, which makes a healthy food unhealthy.

C is like the king of portion control and I’m not even kidding. I’ve learned a lot from him. When I was little, I used to hoard food and would freak out if there was one piece of pizza left, even though I already had two on my plate. My nephew does the same thing today and it is kind of funny to watch because he gets so upset when someone takes the last slice. Even though he doesn’t even end up finishing what’s on his plate.

Anyways, it’s easy to load our plate up with food because we are hungry… but then it’s like we feel obligated that we have to finish it (maybe from mom telling us we can’t leave the table unless our plate is clean?) and end up eating way too much because our eyes are often bigger than our stomachs. Take less food to start with – you can always get more! That has helped me eat more reasonably, but let me tell you, it’s still something that I am working on.

It’s important to check the labels and see how much is in a serving… and how many servings are in a container. Sometimes companies package things to have two or three servings. You may think that it’s one, but in reality, you are eating three times as much as you should!

Do you like snacking on almonds? What are some tips for portion control?

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