Today was another rough morning. I have NO idea what’s going on but I feel like I’m taking 10 steps backwards in the whole getting up arena. I just feel exhausted this week, like I could probably sleep til 2 p.m. before I would finally feel refreshed.

Luckily, this guy made it his business to break into the bedroom this morning to wake me up…

(C gets up before me and usually tries to barricade the door so he can’t come in…) His wake up call involves laying on top of me and purring as loud as he can. Much better than the alarm clock and does the trick!

I did a quick loop in the park this morning. It’s really humid out — definitely can tell summer is on the way — so it was a little sticky. Afterwards, I did some core work and my 24 burpees for the day. Kara over at Kara Runs is kicking off a core challenge for the summer and I am totally in. Those swimsuits I ordered from Victoria’s Secret? They surprisingly all fit but some core work will help boost my confidence so I actually wear them outside of the house. I may also add in some other elements that I’ll announce next week.

Yesterday I needed some spice in my life so I visited the NYRR page on Facebook — if you ever need some dramz, come here. There is always something going down. Anyways, apparently this guy is a big cheater (the one in the middle that people say looks like John Locke from “Lost.”). As the person below posted, he pushed him on the ramp and was just a big jerk in general during the race. Turns out, he is wearing a WOMAN’S bib and this “woman” actually took first place in her age group.


People are pretty mad  and rumor has it that the John Locke look alike is facing a lifetime ban from NYRR. I think the woman who gave him the bib should also be facing a ban. I mean, I get it — you registered for a race, you can’t do it and a friend wants to run in your place. Like someone suggested on the page, don’t let them wear the D-tag. Run it for fun… you’ll still get the medal at the end, just no official time! Like my kindergarten teacher always said, in the end you are only hurting yourself. This woman will have an amazing half marathon time next to her name… but will it matter? When people will ask about it, it’s not like she can say “that was such an amazing race…” or “yeah, I never felt better” since she never actually achieved the time. And not only that, on the inside, you know that you never even ran the race or got the time so it really won’t feel that good. Such a sad state of affairs that a hobby that many people love (yours truly included!) becomes something that people have to cheat and lie about.


What do you think? Do you think the two runners should face a lifetime ban from future NYRR races? 

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