So, do you think it’s totally bizarre and weird that I’m 27 years old and my mom still makes appointments for me?

Yep. Although I think that it’s part of being a Millennial. And let me tell you, I fit the description to this generation to a T — it’s kind of creepy.

Anyways, my mom made my wedding dress fitting appointments for me for when I’m back in Wisconsin this summer. SO excited! It *may* be in when I’m home in June, but it will definitely be there in July. That means I need to kick my workout plan into gear! I will definitely be doing Kara’s intense ab workout that I mentioned yesterday, but I feel like I need to integrate some more HIIT workouts to up the ante!

Burpee challenge update in a bit, but let me tell you, this week I have just felt off. I’ve been complaining about being tired and while I was awake this morning, my body is sore. I did four miles this morning to give it a little bit of a break and debating whether I should have tomorrow be a rest day… it’ll be my third for the week. But sometimes I think you need to have a few more recovery days if that’s what your body is calling for. Plus, I kind of forgot that I just ran a half marathon. That deserves some sort of break, right?

***Burpee Challenge: Day 10***
I am halfway through — numbers wise (only a third of the way through, days wise) — the Burpee Challenge. Today I hit 25. They are definitely getting tougher and my muscles are starting to feel sore all over the place. That means that they must be doing something, right? My question though is, will this help improve my running? How is it impacting those muscles?
Below is a brief update I’ll post daily (thanks to my SweatPink sisters for the idea!) about the challenge and my thoughts… (want to contribute? Feel free to send me your thoughts about a particular day and I’ll feature you! Email is bklynrunning (at)

DAY 9: The 30-Day Burpee Challenge
1. How many burpees did you do? 

2. When did you do your burpees? How long did it take you? I did them after my ab workout and run, so I was sweaty and a little tired. I only increased by one today, but it was still hard. I can do more before taking a break, but once I hit that limit (which is usually around 10), I have to take frequent breaks to keep it going… like a break after every two or three).

3. Most importantly, how do you feel after day 9? I am SORE. Remember how I said, after day 6, that they were getting easier to do? Yeah, I lied. Although my arms aren’t that sore anymore, my back and buns are feeling it! I am surprised that just doing so few of these has such a huge impact. I can’t even imagine how I would feel after doing them for seven minutes straight.

Are you a Millennial? Do you feel like the generation description fits you? Any workout ideas on how to make things more intense?  

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