Helloooo Friday! Who is excited for a three-day weekend?! To kick off the weekend, I took a rest day from running today. I was starting to feel a little sick yesterday with a sore throat and since we have a busy weekend ahead, I figured an extra hour of sleep would do me some good. I did do my burpees for the day, 26! So proud of myself because I only had to take two rests while I was doing them. Yesterday I’m pretty sure I took 17. Great improvement (and perhaps the difference of just doing burpees versus doing them after running and an arm workout)!


Did you hear that they may cancel the Madison Marathon this weekend? This is sad to me because this is a great marathon — and the race that I first BQed at (by 12 seconds!). Apparently temperatures are supposed to be in the 80s. This comes off organizers canceling the Green Bay Marathon halfway through last weekend. What is up with Mother Nature and marathons?! Seriously, I think we need to have a convening with her to let her know that extremely hot temperatures on marathon day is not cool. Save it for the recover week.

And, P.S., is it only me or do you feel apt to spell canceling with two ll’s? Maybe I need to move to Britain.


Last night I came across this on Twitter:

Another Runner’s World Streak! This time, from Memorial Day to 4th of July. I missed the one between Thanksgiving and Christmas, but am so in to do this one! Who’s with me? All you have to do is run at least one mile a day. I can definitely do that and it would be a good challenge for my body. I know rest is important, but I could even use one mile as a warm-up for doing some of those HIIT workouts that help you become so much stronger. Like Kara’s core challenge, which I think you should all join with me. You only need about 48 minutes of your week to do it!


I found my wedding shoes! This has been a long search because I wanted flats, something that was comfortable and something that looked halfway decent.

I can’t believe I’m getting married in like four and a half months! Yesterday we were talking about possible excursions with our travel agent and I am so excited. We are so lucky to be able to get married in Jamaica and head to Spain right after for our honeymoon. It is going to be absolutely amazing.


And for some crazy cat lady love:

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