We have a very exciting day planned today! Here is a glimpse of what it will include:

In a bit, we will head to La Guardia Airport…

Oh no, we aren’t flying anywhere sadly. Instead, we are renting a car (cheapest prices if we use MTA to get to the airport… I’m not ashamed to admit it, we’re frugal!) to drive to this place…


Otherwise known as Hartford, CT. Why in the world are we traveling to this hopping tourist destination? I’m glad you asked. We have a busy day ahead with a trip here…


You would probably think it was sad for how excited we are for this. Sometimes you need to scale it back from exotic NYC cuisine and go with an old standby.

From there, I’m convincing C that we need to stop here.


And definitely here.


And then we will finally enjoy the true reason for our trip:

(dave matthews band)



What are you up to today? Any exciting plans? 

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