Remember how we had a busy weekend for C’s birthday? Yeah, it was a little crazy. I think I’m still recovering from it.

Anyways, a week or so beforehand when Sweat Pink gave me the opportunity to try Rebootizer I was like YES please because I knew I would need it that weekend! Rebootizer is this amazing new drink that is a “detox shaker.”

You can either use it as a cleanse so you drink one pouch each day for six days, or you can use it after a long night to ensure you wake up bushy tailed and bright eyed. From its website:

By drinking at bedtime, Rebootizer’s powerful antioxidants and digestive properties can support your body to fight oxidative stress by helping to clean toxins accumulated through excesses, before they become harmful.

Today’s lifestyle, pace and toxic environment interfere with the body’s normal defense mechanisms.

“Oxidative Stress” is an imbalance that arises when our cells cannot adequately destroy the free radicals. The higher the imbalance, the more it can be a precursor to the body’s dysfunctions and have an impact on the aging process.


The packaging is a really cool idea — basically the liquid and the powder (aka the good stuff) is separated until you squeeze and shake. This makes sure it is fresh and works at its best!

see all the good stuff hanging out at the top?


When we got home that night, we each grabbed a pouch and followed the instructions.

C drank it first and he said that it tasted just like iced tea. That’s what I like to hear! Who wants to drink a drink that doesn’t taste good (especially after a long night out)?


I agree that it has a nice pleasant taste. And the best part of it all? We both woke up feeling refreshed. It definitely worked! I definitely want to try it out for the six-day detox plan.

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