I don’t know about you, but I always think of Memorial Day as the first day of summer. Sure, it doesn’t officially kick off until Summer Solstice in June but that feels like summer is always halfway over. Even though it makes it a bit toasty (especially considering we don’t have central air in our apartment) and running is a bit more challenging (like my four miles this morning in the sun, oof!), I still love summer. I think people just tend to be in a better mood. Here are my 10 things that I love about summer:

1. Fresh fruit. My watermelon obsession goes in full gear during the summer months.

Along with my obsession for every other type of fresh fruit like grapes and strawberries. Have you ever frozen your grapes and eaten them on a hot night? Perfect summer treat.
2. Yankees! While we are a little mad at our team for sucking lately (for some reason they only win on the road), going to Yankees games is a favorite in the city. The tickets are cheap and its a great source of people watching and of course, watching some of baseball’s best.

3. Outdoor patios.
I love love love all of the outdoor eateries and spaces in NYC! From the Frying Pan to rooftop bars, there are so many places to enjoy the sun with a cool beverage.

‘rita love.

4. Running.
Even if it is a little toasty, I love running in the park in the summer months. Everything is so green and how can you not love running in the shade? I also love how the running scene heats up and there are so many fun races. I miss running Run for the Pies 5K in Jacksonville (probably the only thing I miss from FL), but there are tons of great races up here too. Like the NYRR women’s 10K in a few weeks!

5. Spending time out on the lake.
While I have to do this when I’m back home in WI, I absolutely LOVE spending time out on the boat. There is just something about drifting along and spending some time with my favorite people.

hello, serenity.

6. Acting like a professional fisher(wo)man.
For a week each summer, I turn into a professional fisherwoman. We rent a cabin up in the Northwoods of Wisconsin and spend the week fishing and out on the boat. I spend about four hours a day fishing for bass, northern pike and muskies for seven days straight. And then I don’t pick up the fishing pole until the next time we are in the Northwoods.

7. Sunshine.
I absolutely love sitting in the sunshine (with a bit of sunscreen, of course) and soaking in the rays. It rocks that I work so close to Madison Square Park so on (less busy) days, I can enjoy my lunch on a park bench. There are so many awesome ways to soak up the sun in NYC and I love taking advantage of them all.

8. Warm nights.
The fact that you can walk outside at 11 p.m. and still have it be warm enough to enjoy is wonderful in itself. I love being able to enjoy outdoor patios well after the sun goes down and to not feel like I have to sprint to the subway to stay warm.

late-night empire state building views.

9. Frozen yogurt.
While there’s always a reason to eat frozen yogurt, summer is the perfect season for it. If only I could get C on this bandwagon, I think I could make it into a must-have addition at least two days a week.


10. Summer movies.
Summer movies always rock, and this year has some huge blockbusters. The Amazing Spider-Man, anyone?


What are your favorite things about summer?

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