We’ve decided that we are going to turn our apartment into a Bikram Yoga studio for the summer. If a stagnant 87* isn’t hot enough, we still have the option to turn on the radiators.

It’s a little cooler today so I’ll stop my whining. Although I must say its cooler because I have all of the fans on high and the windows wide open right now… if you like to feel your hair whipping in the wind, definitely a good atmosphere for you (maybe we can advertise that as a special feature of Bikram?!).

This morning I kicked off Kara’s core challenge after my four mile run. Oh. My. God. No wonder why my abs are so flabby. Doing this workout three times a week will definitely make a difference. I had to switch out some of the workouts since we don’t have a stability ball (must invest in one pronto). I also had the help of my personal trainer to keep track of my reps this morning.

He’s available for hire this summer too. For extra motivation, he’ll throw in some head butts. Beware that the sound of food clinking in his bowl makes him go ADD and forget that you exist.

I finished up my workout with the burpee challenge. Today was 31. While I can get through more without having to take a break (today it was 15), I have to take more frequent breaks the higher the number goes. It took me 15 more seconds today just to do one more burpee than yesterday.


Now that my whole body feels like a jellied donut, it’s time to get the day started. (Is it sad that I wish I could do more torturous workouts instead of going to work?!)

What do you think about Bikram Yoga? I’ve never tried it and not sure how I’d like it since I always feel 20* hotter than it really is. 

How do you keep your abs in shape? 

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