So for the past few months I’ve been participating in Lindsay’s Foodie Penpal program which is SO fun!!


The Lean Green Bean


This month, I got a really cool and unique package from Crystal over at TriFoodieMD.


She included a note to tell me why she included everything that she did, which was really awesome!


I am so excited to try out the Coconut Water! I’ve been saving it in the fridge for a really toasty day. I already chowed down the Crispy Mango which was delicious, and can’t wait to try the Pineapple!


She also included some trail mix, veggie chips, a peanut butter bar (gluten free!) and taco seasoning. Such a great package with tons of little amazing goodies. I tried the veggie chips and they are really good! A good replacement for chips. The trail mix I’m trying to hide from myself as long as possible because it is so addicting once you start…

Check out what I sent Nikki over at Life After Swimming! And, definitely visit Lindsay’s blog to learn all about Foodie Penpals and how you can participate next month!

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