If you’ve read my blog for one minute, you know I’m a crazy cat lady proud fur-mommy to two adorable kitties. When I heard that Cinnamon at Eat Pray Tri was kicking off a new post just for pets called 23Paws, I knew I had to join! The idea behind it is that on the 23rd of each month, we will share cute stories and pictures of our furry pets. But since that’s so far away, she kicked off a trial run for today!

So, even though you’ve seen these adorable furry faces a lot, I thought I’d give you some background.

Apollo was born on 6/6/06. Devil cat, anyone? We adopted him from the humane society in Minnesota.  I said that it was a graduation present for myself. C wasn’t big into cats, but he couldn’t resist when we saw this furry face.

Apollo has a sad back story. He was dropped off at the humane society after his mom’s owner abandoned him. He weighed less than two pounds when he first came in! Unbelievable.

Because of this, he has some separation anxiety and has attached to me quite a bit. Meaning he likes to follow me from room to room and if I’m on the couch, he has to be touching me (even if that means a paw to the back of the head). Today, he weighs about six pounds and eats like a sumo wrestler. He is obsessed with cheese (a cat after my own heart) and loves playing with plastic DVD wrappers taped in a ball (which he can only play with for a few minutes and under our supervision).

Jax, on the other hand, was kind of an “oops” addition to our family. He was born on April 17, 2007 and one of my coworkers emailed around pictures of him and his siblings. I emailed it to C just to say “how cute are these cats” and he took it as I wanted one. Of course I wasn’t going to say differently! We went out to get him, and while we were thinking about his sister, we couldn’t resist him and his spunky personality.

The family we adopted it from was unable to keep him and happy that we took him in, even though they cried as we drove away. He is part Maine Coon, which means he is furry and has the craziest personality in the world. He is a character and a half and knows how to get us laughing (and I swear that’s his favorite thing to do). He loves watermelon and playing with mice that make noise when you shake them. Despite being 17 pounds, he isn’t big into food and likes to snack throughout the day.

So there you have it! Some history on my crazy cats, why I think they are the best cats ever and why I keep making you look at their pictures.


Do you have any pets? What are some of their unique qualities? 

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