Random thought of the day: I’m pretty sure I’m the only New Yorker that likes pigeons. I know, I know, they are rats with wings, but I can’t help but laugh at how normal their actions are sometimes. Like this morning I saw a pigeon walk down a sidewalk and through an open gate to exit this house. Other times I’ve seen them hop down off the curb onto the street, only to walk across the street on the crosswalk.

Anyways, this morning I kept the Runner’s World Run Streak alive with a 1.13 mile run, the same distance I did yesterday. We celebrated a friend’s birthday last night and I am proud of myself for getting up and doing my run. The streak is doing its job because most times, I would have had an excuse for not going after a long night.

It’s fun to run just a mile. It’s the base of all of our runs, but we often forget to appreciate the shorter distances which can serve as building blocks. For me, it’s reminded me of why I fell in love with running in the first place. Not that I was falling out of love with it, but it’s just a good reminder.

I think it also shows that you can fit exercise in, no matter how busy you are (Carrisa at G-Free Runner talks a bit about this, check it out). Running doesn’t have to mean that you go out for an hour… you can run a mile in under 10 minutes and get your heart pumping. Come back and do a quick 10 minute strengthening session with free weights or ab workouts and wa-lah, you have a full-body workout.


Are you running today? Do you ever do super short distances? 


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