So, one of my friends has been after me for MONTHS to do CrossFit with him. I’m not going to lie, I was a little nervous. All I knew about CrossFit is that people were doing crazy circuit training that required a lot of arm strength. And you know how strong my arms are.


But, after focusing on building up my strength a bit more, I felt like I could finally take the challenge. And today was the day.

Three things I learned:

  1. I jump rope like a six-year-old girl.
  2. I sweat. A lot.
  3. My abs are stronger than I thought.

Let me back up, though. To keep the #RWRunStreak alive, I had to do at least a mile run this morning.

apprehensive smile on my way out the door.


The CrossFit box is super close to my place (like four blocks, score!) so I decided to tack on a few extra blocks for a 1.2 mile loop.


Anyways, I got to the class and there were already a lot of people there. The instructor started with a brief introduction and told us to introduce ourselves (and that we were going to be quizzed on names, eek). From there, we did a quick warm up (um, apparently my brain wasn’t working enough to fully grasp windmills with arms going in different directions).

Next up were some air squats and some hundreds (not sure if this is what they’re called in CrossFit, but I found them on Oiselle’s blog under this name) along with some jump roping. I officially suck at jump roping. I can’t do the one jump per swing, but instead do this bounce that my friend said looked like I was skipping around a playground. Definitely need to work on this a bit.

It was then time for our workout: :20 seconds work, :10 seconds rest alternating between burpees and sit-ups. 16 times total (8 for each).

Burpees?! I’ve got this! Of course, my version of burpees with push-ups is different than CrossFit’s version. Chest touching the ground and back up.


I did manage to this for four or five rounds, and then I skipped the push up. It was a tough circuit that’s for sure. I did love the sit ups and found that I did much better at them than I thought I would, especially after the hundreds. Apparently my ab muscles are much stronger than I thought.

And then before I knew it, our hour was up and it was time to wrap up. What I loved about CrossFit is that it is based on your performance and what YOU can do and its all about building up the basics, which they spend a lot of time teaching you. If you can only do three sit ups in 20 seconds but it burns like no other, then you’ve gotten an incredible workout in.

I’ve gone to a few other fitness classes and have been turned off because if you can’t do the basics, you don’t get a challenging workout in. For instance, I’ve gone to a few hip hop dance classes which are supposed to be killer, but if you aren’t coordinated enough to do the moves as fast as you need to, like me, you get lost and don’t get as good of a workout. Plus CrossFit is all about measuring where you are now to compare later… as a Type-A marathon runner, I LOVE THIS idea because it means you can see your strength grow. Just watch the numbers. Like when you see your marathon time improve.

I’m so happy I finally went and am excited to see what the future holds for me and CrossFit. I would love to get more involved with it and know this isn’t the last time I find myself in a CrossFit box. Til next time…


Have you done CrossFit? What do you think about it? 

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