Much like my long runs, my perfect run would start early on a Saturday morning. After noshing on some Van’s waffles with peanut butter and syrup and downing a glass of lukewarm water, I would be out the door into temperatures of high 40s with the sun just breaking dawn.

From there, I would head up to my favorite place to run — Prospect Park — for two loops before the day’s adventures wake up and venture out. It would be me and a handful of runners, the runners that know the best time to run is right when the day is fresh.

I would continue my perfect run, which would have an ideal distance of either 17 or 20 miles, across the Brooklyn Bridge, taking in the views of downtown Manhattan, Empire State Building and Statue of Liberty. Heading across the city on Chambers Street, I would reach my final destination: West Side Highway. With a brief stint down the highway to the garbage facility, I would turn around and head back to Brooklyn. The journey back across the Brooklyn Bridge would be a little bit more difficult, as it seems to have a bigger uphill and at this time, more tourists would be ready to check out the historic landmark.

Even though it’s a longer run, I would have a little left in me to give it a final kick as I turn down Flatbush and head back towards Park Slope. I would get lucky as I run down 4th Avenue, not having to stop for any stoplights or traffic and finally being able to ascend Garfield Place’s hill up to 5th Avenue like it’s nothing.

This run, one that I’ve done several times before, is what my perfect run would look like today. I would love to celebrate National Running Day by running it but had to make do with a quick four miler loop around Brooklyn.

I am excited to continue my celebration at 6 p.m. when registration for the New York City Color Run FINALLY opens! I have been stalking this race for MONTHS and they finally announced that registration is opening today. I ┬áhave a feeling it’s going to fill up fast, so I’ll be ready at 5:59 p.m. with credit card in hand. Even though it’s pricey for a 5K ($45), it is SUCH A COOL IDEA… I can’t pass it up.


How are you celebrating National Running Day? What would your perfect run look like? Would you ever do The Color Run?

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