Yesterday I was so busy trying to be philosophical with my perfect run that I forgot to mention that it was also a very special day in our family…


…it was his birthday! Remember how I mentioned he was a devil cat? Yeah, he is now 6 so it is the trifecta of 6s. This year will be very interesting for him. So, for his birthday we let him release his inner pig and gave him the chance to eat all of Jax’s food. Jax, even though he’s nearly twice the size of Apollo, isn’t really into the whole food thing. Apollo on the other hand…

Anyways, to fully celebrate National Running Day, I had to spend some money! I got some new running shoes (the same kind I’m running in, just different colors):


I think the black will make my Sweat Pink laces POP. I love getting new running shoes. And, I ordered these from Endless which is an amazing site. They will be here tomorrow (I bought them yesterday around 4:30)!

I also registered for this race:


As I mentioned earlier this week, this has been on my radar FOREVER. I think it’s such a cool idea. It won’t be a serious race by any means but it will be amazingly fun! It is a little pricey (let’s not talk about that) but then again, so was the Empire State Building Run Up. It’s all about the experience, people!

And of course, I got to try my new possibly favorite food in the whole entire universe — Ben & Jerry’s Frozen Greek Yogurt, Banana Peanut Butter. One word for you. Amazing.

words can’t even describe.


You know what else is amazing? The fact that I’m kicking off a giveaway later today. Make sure you check in to see how you can be a big winner!


Do you celebrate your pet’s birthdays? What’s the most expensive race you’ve done? 

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