Welp, just got back from the oral surgeon and looks like the wisdom teeth are coming out. Apparently both of my bottom ones are impacted, and have probably been that way since I was 15 or 16. And my childhood dentist never caught it. This guy likes to do one side at a time so that you can still chew on the other side instead of living on a liquid diet for weeks, which can delay healing time since you aren’t getting the nutrients you need. So, I will be getting two out tomorrow afternoon. Yikes.

I needed to feed my park addiction this morning so I did a loop around the park. I went a little later than usual, which meant I didn’t see any of the usuals. So funny how there are millions of people here and if you get into a routine, you see the same five or six people everyday like you live in a small town. I followed up with Kara’s core challenge (seriously, if you haven’t signed up for this, you need to!) and burpees.

Oh, burpees.

It was rough to convince myself that I wanted to do 45 this morning. But, only five more days til I complete the challenge! Three cheers for that one.

I can’t remember if I mentioned the fact that I got a free shirt after the 10k on Saturday. Icebreaker, a New Zealand brand, was handing out coupons at the finish for a free shirt. It said up to $80 value! Are you kidding? I was tempted to stop by right after the race to make sure I got one, but waited until we went out later. Apparently they make all of their clothes with a wool and Lycra mix, which keeps you cool even in the summer time because of wool’s natural wicking qualities.

I fell in love with a bunch of stuff in the store (kinda pricey, but apparently it’s high quality)… they also have non-running gear (love this one!), but definitely want to try out my new shirt.

(ignore my sexy PJ shorts)


I love the color and the fact that they have the thumbholes!


Now, a very important question, can you find what doesn’t belong?


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Any tips for wisdom tooth extraction recovery? What is the max price you’ll pay for running shirts or top?

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