A few weeks ago, I was a guest poster over at Blogitness a few weeks ago where I talked about becoming a morning runner. One of the strategies I mentioned was giving yourself a few minutes to recharge when you wake up, particularly if you are tight with the snooze button. My few minutes of checking my email has turned into surfing Facebook, checking the weather and snoozing between all of that… which means I waste a lot of time. This morning I successfully got out of bed three minutes after the alarm went off. Progress!

With that in mind, I was thinking about how you keep your motivation up — whether its finding ways to procrastinate your workout (seriously, who even posts stuff on Facebook at 6 a.m.?!) or even justifying skipping altogether. Here are some of my negotiating strategies to get myself out there:

  • Only one mile… Convincing myself that I’ll do a shorter workout is one of the best ways I’ve learned to get myself out there. And once I’m out there, I can’t help but do a little extra. For instance, I’ll tell myself I’ll do the short loop around Prospect Park… but once I get into the park, I’ll do my usual loop because cutting it short just means I’ll miss my favorite part.
  • Tomorrow I’ll let myself… Part of my negotiating process is to do a trade-off. If I do some stride-outs during this run, I can cut out on of my arm workouts or tomorrow will be a shorter run are some of the ways that I get myself motivated on those days when fitness just doesn’t sound appealing (I think we all have those days… even if you are Meb or Kara).
  • I’ll do some now, more later… This has become one of my favorites in the burpee challenge. I tell myself that I’ll just do some now and finish up with it later. So, I’ll say — once I hit 25 burpees, I’m a little over half so that means I can finish up the ones later tonight. Usually, by time I get to that number, I’m already in it so I just finish it off.
After writing these out, it sounds like I lie to myself a lot. Ha. But truthfully, a lot of working out is a mind game. You have to come up with strategies that work for you to get your mind on board, and your body will follow. Once you get your mind engaged, the rest is easy. After all, have you ever regretted a workout?


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Are you a morning or night person? What are some of your best tips for keeping yourself motivated?

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