My biggest worry about getting my wisdom teeth pulled yesterday (minus that I might die in a fluke case) was that I would break the RW Running Streak. But, I got in my mile today. I breathed through my nose the whole time which meant it was probably a little slower than usual but it’s in my head that if I breathed through my mouth, I would end up with dry sockets. And to think this is my brain today without pain meds.

Three things:

  1. I love going through surgery and having to come home and work for 2-1/2 hours, not to mention having to work a 10 hour day today. I don’t think I could even take the pain meds if I wanted because I’m sure everything would turn into jelly, which would be such a nice feeling right now. I just had a nervous breakdown about all of this for the last 30 minutes so I’m getting over it. Slowly.
  2. But then, this guy volunteered to work for me.

  3. I tried to make a protein smoothie this morning as something to eat. I might have overdone it by having chicken nuggets (Applegate Farms has some amazing ones that are gluten-free!) and fries for dinner last night. Katherine at Sweat, Passion and Tears had a great suggestion to add cinnamon (to the smoothie, not the chicken nuggets). I think I needed a banana or a fruity flavor. It was OK.

    and yes, that is private practice in the background. 🙂


Stop by later tonight because I am posting a fun and awesome giveaway. And no, it’s not my wisdom teeth (even though the nurse said that most people take their wisdom teeth with them after surgery to stare at. weird).


Any tips for making protein smoothies? If you ever got your teeth pulled, did you keep your teeth?

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