Motivation is a big topic for us runners as each of us are motivated by something different. Whether its a parent, high school coach or close friend, there is someone that motivates us to go the extra mile and make ourselves stronger.

Which is what Saucony’s “Find Your Strong” project is all about. I love it — it gives runners a chance to share, with the world, how they “Find Your Strong.”


Each week, they post a different challenge or question and want to hear from you how you Find Your Strong as a way to inspire and give you a “kick in the butt.” This week, Saucony wants to know…

Who Motivates You?

This is a question that I’ve thought a lot about. There are several people that motivate me. For one, it’s my “shadow self,” or old me before running. I’ve been running since the summer before high school, but before that I wasn’t very healthy. I had a bit of a weight problem and used food as my way to fill myself… emotionally as well as physically.

middle school me

My “Shadow Self” was fine with hiding behind a shield and not showcasing who I am as a person. I look back on pictures and just don’t look happy… the smile is there, but not real. As I lost weight (a total of 20 pounds before entering high school), I gradually emerged from my shell and became more confident in myself. I’m motivated by that person because I never want to go back to that person… that person that lacked confidence, happiness or even appreciation for myself. I never want to feel like I can’t be myself or I can’t be comfortable in my own skin.

I’m also motivated by my grandmother.

She passed away about a year and a half ago and while she wasn’t a runner (she was a farmer up until she died at the age of 82), she was the strongest woman that I have ever known. The stuff she went through in her lifetime still baffles me and the fact that she was still such a loving, caring individual despite all of the challenges that she faced… wow. She showed me the importance of being strong — both physically and mentally — because it helps you through the tough times and helps you celebrate and recognize the good times.


So, Saucony wants to hear who motivates you AND give one lucky reader a pair of shoes (trail, track or road shoes!)! Here’s how you can win:

Click here to enter the weekly contest, and come back and leave a comment telling me who helps motivates you to run and why. 

The contest is open for U.S. residents and will be open until next Tuesday, June 19. I will announce a winner on Wednesday, June 20. Good luck! 

*Big thanks to Saucony for giving me the opportunity to host this giveaway for my readers. I am not being compensated by Saucony for this post and was provided the details and giveaway from Saucony.

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