I’m done streaking.

My heel is not happy so I’m taking today and tomorrow off from running to see if it gets better. Thank you tennis ball for all the rolling action, which seems to be helping. The RWRunStreak was fun and I wanted to keep doing it as long as I could but didn’t want to get hurt over it. SO it’s been fun, but I’ll be saying goodbye after 19 days. It taught me that sometimes you just need a mile workout… and that it still counts as doing something!

In the meantime, you HAVE to watch this YouTube video. It is hilarious…

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C8MkQS3dqPU]


I mean, if this is real, how do you even train a hamster to do that?!


Are you still streaking with the RWRunStreak? Have you ever had plantar fasciitis symptoms? What did you do to make them go away? 

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