Yesterday was a picture-perfect day out on the lakes.


My hometown is about 20 minutes away from a chain of lakes (Slim Sanity knows it well!) that are amazing and a top place in Wisconsin for people to vacation in the summer. The water here is crystal clear and a beautiful shade of blue. Late afternoon yesterday, we headed out for some serious R&R… and it was perfect.

Despite my intense fear of getting stalked by a bear (I’m serious, my parents just saw one in their yard a few weeks ago), I got up early this morning to get my run in. After smelling skunk, seeing a few cranes, scaring a turkey and two deer prance in front of me (not to mention the cows that were trying to keep up with me alongside the fence), it was definitely a different run that I experience in New York City. But, different good.

Sometimes the change of pace is good, both mentally and physically. For running, it gave me an opportunity to truly focus on what I was doing rather than thinking about everything around me. I spent the last 1/2 mile working on my kick — speed is something that I’ve kind of been slacking on lately.

It was a great run and a good way to spend some “me” time thinking when I was running. Can you really get “me” time in the city when you have people around you all the time? I was considering this during my run because technically you aren’t talking to them, but is the fact that they are there detracting from your time to yourself? What do you think? 

Now it’s time for me to jet… busy day ahead with a hair cut, shopping, bridal shower and bachelorette party! Woo!


What are you up to today? Do you find that you push yourself harder if you change up the scenery?

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