Have you ever had one of those runs that just leave you feeling speechless? Where all you can say is “wow, this is why I run”? Mizuno is celebrating this with The Mezamashii Run Project.

Mezamashii means “brilliant” in Japanese and it is how Mizuno is celebrating those unforgettable runs. Here is more information about the project:

The Mezamashii Run Project is an effort by Mizuno to help create a more euphoric running experience — a more “brilliant” run — for more runners everywhere. The word “mezamashii” means “eye-opening” or “brilliant” in Japanese — it’s a word that captures the euphoric feeling of a brilliant run.

The cool thing about the project is to help runners have spectacular runs, Mizuno is giving away thousands of FREE shoes to help spread the “brilliant” run within the running community! Isn’t that amazing? I read about it online and had to sign up. After a few days, I found out that I was chosen to receive a free pair of shoes. I had to call one of their fit specialists to determine what shoe worked best and ended up going with the Mizuno’s Women Wave Rider 15 in the brightest color combination possible. The shoe specialist said that they are very cushioned and comparable to the Asics Cumulus.


I am so excited to try my new shoes and LOVE that Mizuno is doing this. The running community is so diverse and celebrating a brilliant run is one way we can come together and celebrate the sport that we all love so much. If you haven’t already, make sure to join The Mezamashii Run Project to get your free pair of shoes!


How do you celebrate a brilliant run?

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