Remember how last time I got my wisdom teeth out and I was super ambitious and ran the next day? Yeah, not happening today. This side hurts a little more so I am trying to take it as easy as possible. Lucky for C, it even hurts for me to open my mouth and talk so I’m sure he’s missing my non-stop rambling right about now. 🙂

This weekend is the Queens 10K so at least I’ll be quite rested for the race. I’m hoping my mouth will feel better by then, but if not, it’ll just be a fun race. Speaking of this weekend, can you believe that it’s already going to be the beginning of July? Where in the world is the summer going? It always goes by so fast and my bucket list never gets crossed off.

Well I guess this will be the most random post ever, just blame it on the pain pills. But there are so many cool things going on right now that I just have to tell you all about them.

First of all, you know how I’m obsessed with challenges? Well since the burpee challenge ended, I feel like I’m missing something in life… I was excited to see that Tara is launching a Plank, Push Up and Squat Challenge in July! It’s cool because it’s flexible — you just have to do one of these each day and then watch yourself improve throughout the month. I really want to work on my planks and push ups so this is PERFECT! It’s a great way to complement Kara’s Strong Core Challenge, too.

I am also stoked about the Sweat Pink Race Program! And, it’s open to everyone — not just Ambassadors — so you guys should totally check it out. The idea is that we spread pink and strength in our communities to create a worldwide movement. It costs $35 to join and with that, you’ll get:

  • A cute, wicking Sweat Pink tank or tee.
  • A drink pink wineglass, for toasting each other after the race. We’ll send you a sweat pink wineglass so you can properly celebrate.
  • Team Pink buttons. To pin on your shirt, your gym bag, or your biggest fans.
  • A team fundraising page. We’ve created a fundraising page for the Sweat Pink team. We’ll vote on which charity or organization to support, and we can all fundraise as much or as little as we want. No minimums, no maximums.
  • Shoelaces. But you already knew that, didn’t you?

Pretty cool! They are still deciding the design for the Sweat Pink tank/tee and as an Ambassador, I got a sneak peek. Loving the designs!

Have you heard about Viewsport? I heard about it a few months ago and checked them out recently… they have new tanks! Really cool ones! Add these to my “to buy” list for sure. These are probably my two favorite:


Speaking of clothes, I think I’ve told you guys about Scared Panda. Well to refresh your memory, it’s an awesome tee shirt company that two of my friends started. They have the cutest logo and really fun shirts. Like this one:

The little panda on their shirt is their logo, isn’t it adorable?! They are in the running for a small business grant, which would give them the opportunity to open a store and truly become part of the community in Minneapolis. Can you take 13 seconds out of your day to help them out? Check out their blog post here, which explains what you have to do (it is SO easy! I promise!). They need 100+ votes in the next three days so your help is much appreciated.

What are some things that you are loving today? Do you have a favorite company that you love talking about? Tell me about it!

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