Dear Right Jaw:

You need to get over yourself. It’s been three whole days since you’ve been cut, and let’s just say the left jaw is a little tougher than you because things were hunky dory the same day.

This whole “oh it’s too painful to run” thing? Yeah, it’s not going to work. Same with the “it’s too painful to open your mouth more than an inch, so please cut everything into itty bitty pieces.”

We have a race on Sunday called the Queens 10K. It’s not going to work to run a half mile, only for you to send shooting pains across my face up to my ear. Sorry, but that won’t stop the race. So get over it and start healing already.


I am so stoked that the Olympics are LESS THAN A MONTH AWAY!


I love the Olympics! It’s such an exciting time of year. My favorites are running, swimming and gymnastics. What about you? I haven’t been able to watch a lot of the trials but am hoping to tune in to some of the running events this weekend. I’m sad to see that Natalie Coughlin didn’t re-qualify in her 100m backstroke (she still has a chance in freestyle), but congrats to the two who did (I even used to work with one of their moms! That’s kinda cool!). Galen Rupp is moving on in the 5,000m. Today is the semi-final for the 1,500m run and I’m hoping I can find a live feed online to watch… any tips?


THANK YOU for all who voted for my friends! There are still two days left to vote and they are are SO close to moving on… less than 90 votes to go! If you haven’t voted, would you mind spending 13 seconds to do so? And letting your friends know? They will invite you to their launch party, promise! They are definitely the most deserving people I know for this and it would be awesome if they could get their dream off the ground. Click HERE to vote!


Speaking on winning cool stuff, last night I announced a new giveaway with Slimkicker! Check out the post to learn how you can win.

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