There are two things that will drive us out of NYC: Super hot summers and people who clip their fingernails and toenails on the subway.

Both deserve a big yuck. But anyways, unless you a bjillionaire, the majority of us in NYC don’t have central air. All of the buildings are so old that you have to get by with window units. This means when temperatures get really hot, like today, it’s not a fun time. Especially if you live on the fourth floor.


Instead, you feel like doing this.


So, to survive, we’ve thought of a few things that we can do to keep ourselves cool. First of all, I haven’t taken a hot shower since like April. I tend to overheat (I don’t know if its my Scandinavian blood not being able to handle hot temperatures?) so cold showers keep me a little cool, for a bit anyways.

Watermelon. Oh, watermelon.


Such a great summer snack and it’s filled with water (duh) and cold. Perfect for hot weather days. One of C’s favorite treats is to freeze grapes. I had never thought of this, but they actually are delicious this way. Anyone else do this?

I feel terrible for our cats who are suffering through the heat wearing a fur coat. I mean, we’re complaining about sitting here but they are wearing FUR. Totally not in season. My new strategy? Put ice packs on them periodically.


Apollo actually likes it (Jax was a little annoyed at first) and sat there with one around his neck for a good three minutes. OK, yes, I fully admit, this puts me in crazy cat lady territory without a doubt.

When it comes to running, it’s smart to run as early as you can during the day. I’m taking today off as tomorrow is the Queens 10K (heal jaw, heal!)… but [shameless plug] I wrote an article about how to run smart in the heat with some great tips (if I do say so myself!).

And totally random, but I have to share this. Janae at Hungry Runner Girl posted this yesterday and it truly is amazing… enjoy!


How do you beat hot weather days? What do you think about Murphy’s Laws for Runners?¬†

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