I really can’t believe that 2012 is half over. Remember how I set goals at the beginning of the year? Here is what they were with an update of where I’m at:

  • Run marathons #7 (Houston Marathon), #8 (Boston Marathon) and #9 (TBD) Done with the first two, and #9 is scheduled as the Brooklyn Marathon on Nov. 20!
  • Break 3:30 with my marathon time. This hasn’t happened yet but I still have a chance with the Brooklyn Marathon this fall…
  • Run as many of half-marathons in the NYRR Half-Marathon Series as possible (Manhattan Half (out of town); Brooklyn Half, Staten Island Half; Bronx Half and Queens Half) NYRR pulled a fast one on me and ended up changing the distances for these! I didn’t do the Manhattan Half, but I did finish the Brooklyn  Half and Queens 10k and am registered for the Bronx Half and the Staten Island Half… over halfway there!
  • Do the 9+1 to receive guaranteed entry in the 2013 ING NYC Marathon I’ve run 5 of my races, and am registered for three other ones. That means in October-December, I have to register for one more! 

I feel like I’m doing well with my goals and that it may deserve to add a few more to the list. This year has been incredible so far. From becoming a Sweat Pink Ambassador and FitFluential Ambassador, to running in some incredible races (even meeting Meb!), to changing my diet for the better, it has taken me on quite the journey. I think the second half of the year is going to be just as great (I am getting married after all, how can that not make it a great year?!).
Anyways, back to July. I am kind of disappointed with my fitness and health effort in June. It was a month filled with challenges, from getting my wisdom teeth pulled (each side at different times) to dealing with random heal pain that made me quit the Runners World Run Streak (I’m still bitter about that). But, there were some great things. I tried CrossFit for the first time. I finished up the Burpee Challenge. And I continued to participate in Kara’s Core Challenge.
But, I know July is going to be better. I have some goals that I want to put on paper (er, online?) to check back in at the end of the month. Does anyone else do this? Here is what I’m hoping to do in July:
  • Participate in Tara Burner’s Plank, PushUp & Squat Challenge: This sounds like a great way to get a total body workout and I love that you don’t need any equipment to do it. This means it will be really easy to do when I’m on vacation in Wisconsin.
  • Do at least 25 burpees a day, three days each week: The burpee challenge is over, but I don’t want to lose all the work I did with burpees. I love the way burpees make me feel after the workout, and I want to keep that up.
  • Stop jump roping like a (little) girl: I have this issue where I jump rope like a five year old girl. I learned about this in CrossFit and the coach eventually gave up on me. My goal is to stop doing this and actually jump rope like a normal person.
  • Increase my mileage: I feel like I’ve been floundering in my running in the past few months, actually since I finished training for Boston. I need to fix this. I want to get my mileage back up to what my body is used to. Of course, in part, this will help with training for Ragnar. I’m excited to get back on track and focus on my passion for running.
There you have it! I’m looking forward to a successful month and know these goals will help me get there.
What have you loved about 2012 so far? Do you have any goals for July? Tell me about them!

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