Pre-race preparation: One of our friends moved back to Texas today (the land of cheap housing and central air, ha!) so last night we went to Cask Bar & Kitchen for her goodbye dinner. It was really good! They didn’t have many gluten free options on the menu, so I stuck with the burger since it is generally a good choice without the bun. I tried to drink as much water as possible yesterday since I knew it was going to be warm, but well, I don’t know if I succeeded.

Since the race was in Queens, I had a 1 hr and 15 min subway ride in front of me (not to mention three train transfers). It was nice to relax and chill out (literally, the subway has a/c). I finally brought my phone with me and was able to meet up with Ashley and Kara beforehand. Ashley and I were in the same corral so we decided to take it easy and just run together for fun… I like that strategy.

pre-race pic!

Actual race:
It was definitely hot. NYRR says it was 82 degrees on its race results page and most of the course was in the sun. Ashley and I set out with a 8:30 pace and chatted the whole way. This is definitely the best strategy to take when it’s hot weather… just like in Boston, it’s totally not worth it to kill yourself on a hot weather day. There will be another race, with better race conditions. Just enjoy the run and get to the finish.

What I loved: 
It was cool to run in Queens — I have never really ventured out here and we got great views of Citi Field and of where they play the U.S. Open. We also ran around the Unisphere, which was awesome to see.

It was great to meet up with Ashley, Kara and everyone else… a fun day all around minus the insane heat.

with kara and ashley

Oh, we also got a chance to sign up to win free entry into the Cayman Marathon in December. Major fingers, toes, everything crossed to win! That would be amazing! (Just me against about 7,000 other people I think.)

This was a relaxing fun run so we didn’t care about our time, we were just running to run it… and I think this is the best strategy to take when running in the heat. Definitely have more fun that way!



Overall rating (4 out of 5 ups):



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