Yesterday was epically hot. It reached 94 degrees and NYC was under a heat advisory. TMI, but I literally couldn’t sit on the couch without sweating. We eventually moved our party into the bedroom.


I think we have the same blood because this guy and I were both hogging the A/C as much as possible.

It’s supposed to be just as hot today. The good thing is our little grocery store is like an ice box so I’m making a list of things that we must buy TODAY, like butter. Even though we’ve been out for a few weeks now and haven’t really noticed.

The park was packed this morning, I think because everyone was trying to beat the heat. I saw some people I stalk regulars doing their loops earlier than usual. Good to be smart.


I also kicked off the Plank, PushUp and Squat challenge this morning. Since it was my first day, I thought I would just do the exercises that I’ll benchmark myself against at the end of the month:

Plank: 1:18

PushUp: 14

Squat: 24

I must make a note that I didn’t do the “standard” push up. In CrossFit, they teach you that the standard is chest to the ground. Well, if I did it that way, I would get about 5 in. Instead, I did head to the floor… and will work myself up to chest to the ground. While it may be “cheating,” I think it’s more important to build up my strength by doing more right now. Because obviously I have a lot of work to do.

Oh, and while I was doing the challenge, I looked down at my feet and saw this:


People were probably wondering what race I was running this morning, ha.

Oh, and random fact of the day, one year ago today, C and I got engaged! That year sure flew by… hard to believe that in just three short months we’ll be Mr. & Mrs.! 🙂


How do you do your push ups? Do you ever have blonde moments? Tell me your best one! (What, it’s Monday — I need a good laugh!)

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