Our 4th of July was nice and relaxing, and hey, we even bought the ties for our best man/groomsman for the wedding! We figured since we are making them wear pink, the least we can do is to buy them the tie.

I spent most of my day dreaming of beautiful weather days like this:

I swear, I can feel my body temperature cooling down immediately just from looking at these pictures… Despite the heat (our apartment has been a cool 89* for the past two days… be jealous), I got up for a five mile run this morning and ended up feeling like death afterwards. I haven’t felt this awful after a run for a long time. I slowed down a bit because I knew it was going to be a tough one with the heat, but man, it took a good hour to recover afterwards and I still feel off. How in the world did I run for four hours in this heat at Boston?

But the cool part was that I got to try out my new Mizuno Wave Riders… woo! Full review soon, but I liked the way they fit. And I also liked how for the first few blocks they made me feel like Spider-Man because of the fresh sole stickiness factor.

I had big plans to work on my jump roping this morning, but sidelined that and instead did a few ball squats. I am happy to report that I managed to increase my time by 5 seconds for each rep. BOOM. Love when that happens.

Tomorrow I head back to Wisconsin for a week long trip to the cabin in the Northwoods.This means cooler temperatures (I am not kidding, we usually have to bring a sweatshirt in the boat because it gets too cool). No complaints here!

OK, I was going to post a super awesome picture of the lakes to make you jealous and then I remembered this picture from last year. We were SO close to the bald eagle, it was amazing!! They are HUGE birds. So be super awesome that I get to spend a whole week with critters like this guy. So much better that super sweaty angry New Yorkers on the subway…

How was your 4th of July? Any tips for staying cool? Do you like cold weather or hot weather better?

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