I totally woke up with this song in my head this morning:
[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SeIJmciN8mo]

I never understand how that happens… like I haven’t heard this song for days. Apparently my mind is missing me some Nicki Minaj.

I can’t believe I can officially say this, but I had flawless traveling yesterday back to Wisconsin. I hope this isn’t a one-time occurrence… *knock on wood*

It was kind of funny because when I was laying over in Detroit, I decided to grab some food at a “sports bar” (I don’t think you can technically classify any restaurant in an airport as a sports bar, it just feels weird)… so while I was sitting at the bar, I decided to order dinner.

A salad. And I swear the people around me stopped breathing and moving out of disbelief. Granted I’m pretty sure the salad had more cheese than lettuce, but it was still the healthiest option.

Anyways, I made it back to my parent’s house for this face to great me.

Pure cuteness.

We are headed to the cabin later today, so this morning I got up early to get my 4 mile run in around the “block.” It wasn’t as eventful as the last time I ran here, but it was a good run… and I loved loved loved this hills this morning! I came back for 4 minutes of ab workouts plus 20 push ups. Even though we’ll be on vacation, I’m looking forward to running. Does that make me crazy? I feel like I’ll have a whole week of working out without having to feel rushed and stare at the clock! I am bummed that I forgot to pack my jump rope. I might just have to get one on the way…

Oh and P.S., I may be out of touch for the week — since I’ll be enjoying this view:

But, I have a week of fun great guest posters planned! So make sure to check in… and I am trying out two new products this week, which means some great giveaways on my return!

Speaking of giveaways, congratulations to Kara who won the Slimkicker GiveawaySlimkicker loved your idea:

Email team (at) slimkicker.com to claim your crock pot. Congratulations!

Do you ever wake up with songs in your head? Do you exercise more or less when you are on vacation?

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