Believe it or not, but Carrisa and I actually know each other from college! Anyways, I stumbled across her blog a year or so ago and love reading about her life back in MN (I must admit, it makes me a little jealous to read about her runs around the lakes!)… and of course seeing her photos of her furbabies! She has celiac disease and has a lot of great advice on how to avoid gluten. (Speaking of which, update later this week about my gluten-free diet!). Check out her snacking tips below, and enjoy!


Hey Guys!

I’m so honored to be guest posting for Lora today while she’s off enjoying some well-deserved vacation time! So let me introduce myself…I’m Carrisa and I blog over at G-Free Runner. I’m a 20-something grad student studying sports management in the Tundra aka Minnesota, where I also work as a full time swim coach and as an occasional yoga teacher and freelance writer. I’ve been running since I was about 13 years old. It initially started as a cross trainer for my swimming (I went on to swim for the University of Minnesota), but after my swimming career was cut short with an injury, I turned to running as my choice of exercise and haven’t looked back!

R: Twin Cities Marathon Oct. 2011 – L: Red, White & Boom! 5 Mile July 2012


Oh and because at least one of these two makes an appearance in almost every blog post, let me introduce Sasha, my Siberian Husky/Alaskan Malamute and Dorrie, my tabby cat. They are such characters…and good sports to me dressing them up on every holiday.


So, last July I was diagnosed with selective IgA deficiency and celiac disease. In a nutshell, I have a weak immune system and I’m highly sensitive to gluten, meaning that even contaminated food can affect me. Between my busy schedule, maintaining a high mileage running routine and everything else, my life can get a little hectic at times and so I’ve mastered the art of gluten free snacking on the go. I typically plan out my snacks for the day based on when I run. I’m usually a morning runner, but if I know I’ll be running later in the day I try to keep things bland, for my stomach’s sake.

Now keep in mind I’m not a registered dietician or nutritionist. I’m a big believer in everything in moderation and as a former Wisconsin girl, cheese counts as a snack 😉

I try to eat smaller meals throughout the day, with snacks here or there and snack size plastic bags are awesome for portion control! So here are a few of my favorite
gluten free snacks!

(Clockwise from top left)

1. Cheese. I’m from WI and sometimes I just crave cheese. These little bite size snacks help keep me in check from eating too much.

2. Fruit! I LOVE fruit! It is definitely my go to snack, especially in the hot summer months. I especially like a little Nutella or PB with my bananas and apples.

3. Trail Mix. I have an exceptionally strong sweet tooth, one that would be much too easy to give in to all the time, so I try to find the trail mix blends that have chocolate chips, M&M’s and pb chips. It’s like heaven!

4 & 5. Yogurt and Granola. This is a staple with my breakfast or for a mid-day snack. I particularly love Chobani Greek yogurt right now because it’s more filling and has high protein!

6. Hummus and Veggies. My go to side for with my lunch. Put some carrots in a plastic baggy, some hummus in a little Tupperware and you’re ready to go! Perfect by the pool too!

And don’t forget to incorporate lots of water in your snacking! I personally prefer regular water, but if you’re someone that needs a little flavor, add it in! Just make sure you’re getting your recommended amount and replenishing what you loose in working out!

I hope this post gave you some ideas for good gluten free snacks and don’t forget to stop on over to G-Free Runner and say hi! I promise lots of pictures of Sasha and Dorrie…with and without costumes.

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