I don’t know how it happened, but I stumbled across Corrie Anne’s blog a few months ago (probably because of one of her delicious cookie recipes) and it has become one of my favorites to read. She is a fellow Midwestern girl that is now living in Colorado and I love reading about her fun adventures, including the awesome workouts that she comes up with. I’m pretty sure I write on her blog “I so wanna do this” at least three times a week. 


Hi, I’m Corrie Anne, and, like Lora – I love to run, and I’m a little crazy!

Last month, my husband and I quit our expensive gym, and since then I’ve been crafting some outdoor and at-home workouts to tide us over through the summer. I like to call them DIY WODs (Do-It-Yourself Workout of the Day).

Of course, one of the simplest gym-free workoouts is RUNNING. Just throw on some Nikes and go!

Okay, Nikes and all-pink attire are optional (what happened with my shoes?!?!!).

If you’re just starting out, I always recommend the Couch-2-5k program. It helps you set manageable and achievable goals. If you have a smart phone, I’d also suggest downloading a free mileage tracking app such as iMapmyrun.


Find a set of stairs to run up & down a few times!!

If you’ve been running for a while, you may want to challenge yourself with a fun track workout.

I want to try some of these track combo workouts from Running Times.

Bored with running? I don’t know how you could possibly ever be! But, when’s the last time you jumped rope?

The ultimate portable workout! I have this little speed cable rope tha I picked up on Amazon. I’m a total nerd and love learning new tricks by watching YouTube videos, especially the Punk Rope channel. Also, if running is not covenient, jumping rope is an easy sub in any circuit training type workout.

My other favorite piece of home gym equipment would be my kettlebell:

I have a 10lber, but I’ve almost outgrown it! Not sure where to start? Bob Harper has an entire 30-minute video available for freezies on YouTube.

If you’re not ready to invest in equipment, why not try a playground workout? It even works with kids in tow!

I love this playground workout Kelly post on her blog, No Sugar Sweet Life. Stroller lunges are genius!!

You can also drag some dumbbells to the park if you’re like me, and you don’t have space available for a workout in your tiny 1-bedroom apartment!! I don’t have any kids to use as weights yet, and my dog is too squirmy!!

My husband and I did the Men’s Health Spartacus Workout in the park nearby. All you need is 2 dumbbells. I found mine out by our apartment complex’s dumpster. Seriously!! 🙂

Let me finish off by sharing a fun workout I learned from GPP Fitness. 

Fun with Run & Lunge

2 rounds for time:

If you didn’t want to have weights, or you’re a beginner, you may want to just try lunges without any weights at all. And remember to time yourself so you can track yourself growing stronger!

Okay, just one more thing. Here are some of my favorite resources for at-home/outdoor workouts:

All right. No gym? No excuses. Get out there. Get moving. Get sweating.


Love, Corrie Anne

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