So you know how I said we didn’t catch as many fish as we usually do? Well, it’s because we were busy catching stuff like this.


Anyways, one of my favorite parts of the trip was renting a paddle board. I’ve wanted to try this since I saw Jennifer Aniston doing it a few years ago. I always thought that I wouldn’t have the balance for it.

finding my balance

It was only $35 to rent for a day up in the Northwoods, which isn’t a bad price considering the whole family can use it. I rented it early in the morning and took it out for a spin on the lake we were on.

I was surprised at how easy it was! I am slightly klutzy so I thought I would be ending up in the water for sure, but I was able to balance through the waves that came after boats raced by. Throughout the day, we took turns riding it. My mom and sister thought that kneeling was the way to go.

At one point, I even paddled back to our cabin — going across three lakes!

The next day, my arms were SO sore. Like so sore it was painful to put my hair in a ponytail.

The verdict on paddle boarding? DO IT! If you have the opportunity, definitely try it out. It was so fun to enjoy the lakes from the board. I loved taking it out early the next morning when I was the only person on the lake. Great way to enjoy all of the nature! If I lived closer to a lake (like on it or across the street), I would definitely invest in one of these because a) it’s super fun and b) it’s a great workout!


Have you tried paddle boarding? What did you think?

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