One of the things that I’ve learned about living in NYC is that the city gets mad at you when you leave. So when you travel, it’s always a tangled ball of misery. C’s flight was delayed for 2 hours last night, which meant that we arrived at the airport at the same time. My flight landed but randomly, some plane was in our gate, so we had to sit on the runway for an extra 15 minutes and then I had to catch the shuttle to meet him. Finally, we were on our way home… until we get into the cab and the driver “accidentally” takes us to Manhattan. This is the exact reason I never take cabs because this happens. Every time. [How many tourists seriously go into Brooklyn? I would think that would be a red flag that you can’t suck more money out of us…]

Anyways, we are back home and our kitties are happy and we’ve vowed to never leave the city again to make it like us again. I don’t think it’s convinced.

A hot apartment and a long night of little sleep meant that I reset my alarm this morning when it went off. I don’t think Jax minded because he was in serious need of some cuddle time in front of the A/C.

However, I found out while I was on vacation that I am a food pusher. Do you know anyone who is a food pusher? There are two types, ones that push bad food so they feel less guilty about eating it and others that simply don’t understand other people’s eating habits and therefore, push their own on them. I am definitely the latter.

I have definitely become accustomed to my eating style — three meals with snacks in between — and my family doesn’t eat the same way. Which at first confused me. But mostly because I was so hungry I don’t think I was thinking straight. For me, eating a meal means I’ll be less likely to snack on junk food. I tend to eat a lot of junk food when I’m desperately hungry, which happens when I don’t eat a full meal.

So, how do you handle a food pusher? Well, I think it depends on what they are pushing. If they have good reason for why they want you to eat (ahem, if you eat lunch you’ll be less likely to snack on 14 high-calorie and dangerous snack foods later in the afternoon), you might want to think about listening to them only if you are hungry and if it fits in with your food needs. Eating on a full stomach is always a bad idea, even if it is for a healthy snack.

But, if it’s someone that is a bad influence on your eating habits, simply say no thank you. I think that’s the hardest thing for Americans to do when it comes to food. We have this mentality that we have to eat whatever is put in front of us. You aren’t going to hurt someone’s feelings because you don’t eat a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup with them or indulge in that last piece of chocolate cake. They’ll still like you. And if you are able to stay strong, you’ll like yourself better, too.


Do you try to push your food habits on other? How do you handle food pushers?

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