I love vacation. It’s so nice not to think about anything except for how you are going to relax next. But, the part I don’t like about vacation is the whole returning to reality part. Last week, I enjoyed sleeping in two or three hours later than when I usually wake up, and now I am definitely paying the price.

Yesterday I let myself sleep in a bit later since we didn’t get back from the airport until later, but I was bound and determined to get back into my routine this morning. It was so hard to wake up at normal time! I was so tempted to hit the snooze, reset the alarm for an hour later and bask in all the wonderfulness that is our window A/C unit. I knew that I would be kicking myself later, even if it was already in the 80s (hey, heat wave? yeah, you! nobody wants you here!)

And what can I say? I’m so happy that I did. Even though the run wasn’t the best ever (note to self: remember to drink lots of water when on vacation because that’s what your body is used to), it was great to get back out into the park and see my old favorites. I did five miles in the heat, and came back and did some plank work. By this time, I was so overheated I needed to get a cold shower in stat.

I don’t think I’m back in my groove yet, but it feels good to get started on the routine again. Here are some tips for getting out of a funk and getting back to normal:

  • Let yourself adjust. Like I mentioned about adjusting to waking up early to exercise, it takes some time. It took you awhile to get out of your groove, so it’s going to take a little bit of time to get back into it. You will have a few step backs, but don’t beat yourself up over them.
  • Don’t beat yourself up. We all know what our fitness level is like and what our expectation is for working out. But, if you are trying to get into the swing of things, your body is adjusting to doing just that… and your workouts might not be as great as they once were. Remember that you are doing it, and that’s all that matters as you get back into your routine.
  • Keep it interesting. Sometimes, we need a little variety in our routine to keep ourselves interested. If you’re looking for your groove, do just that. Try a different running path or even do some cross-training. This will help you mentally, which is turn will help you push yourself physically.


I’m looking forward to readjusting to life and getting back in my groove! (And when that happens, we’ll be leaving for the wedding… hahah) When it gets tough, just remember this:


Have you ever lost your groove? What are your tips for finding it again? 


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