While I say that every week, I’m super excited that today is Friday. It has been a rough week. Coming off vacation, I feel like I need to readjust to our crazy lifestyle here. It’s so tiring! Plus, on top of that, I realized that I didn’t take my iron supplements when I was on vacation (for about a week and a half!) so I think I may be sliding back into anemia, hence the extreme tiredness. Getting back on track so I can stop yawning 2,679 times a day.

Even though it said 80-90% chance of rain this morning, I was bound and determined to get out of bed to get my run in. Sure enough, no rain! The weather has cooled down by like 25-30* since earlier this week… I’ll take it! This morning was low 70s and cloudy. PERFECT! I did a quick four miles followed by an arm workout.

I haven’t done anything with my arms since my paddle boarding experiment, so I know they’ll be tired later today. But a GOOD tired!


OK, so NYC is known for the most bizarre things ever… but this definitely takes the cake:


I think it’s one of those places that you have to go to try at least once, but how crazy. I love that you can tell a difference if you have a “sensitive palate.” Ha — I think I’ll stick with my free chlorine-infested tap water.


This baffles me:

…the total combined weight of human beings on Earth now exceeding 287 million tons. About 3.5 million tons of that global human biomass is due to obesity, a third of which exists in North America, although we account for only 6 percent of the world’s population.


Holy cow! It was part of an article that the NY Times wrote about how the couch potato is becoming a global phenomenon. It included a link to see, “Where are you on the global fat scale?” While BMI is definitely not the best gauge for health because it doesn’t measure how much muscle you have, it is fun to see where you stand compared to the rest of the world.


So interesting! Also, it’s crazy that my BMI is so much higher compared to the global BMI average for my age…. but yet, I’m way below average within the U.S.


What randomness is going on in your life today?

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