One of the things about running in the city that I’ll never get sick of is hearing the various snippets of conversations along my route. This morning I heard two cyclists discussing the NRA (it seemed like quite the heated discussion in the five seconds that I heard), some random guy said something to me in a language I’ve never heard and perhaps the best was the little kid telling his mom “I don’t rob for candy” before they walked into the corner bodega. It adds an extra element of entertainment and gives me yet another reason to not want to run with headphones.

I’ve been trying to get out of bed earlier this week. So far, in my two days of efforts, it’s worked. I developed a bad habit of immediately picking up my phone and checking my email and Facebook, which cuts into my running time. And you know what? Since I had a few extra minutes (OK, like 10 extra minutes…), I ended up running seven miles this morning. I did it as a tempo run — so my 3 miles in the park were at a faster pace — but didn’t use a watch so I’m not sure how much faster. I just know I pushed myself.

After looking at the weather, I see why my last mile was so tough:

Check out that humidity. Oof. It feels like we’re back in Florida.

OK, maybe not that bad.

Anyways, I randomly had my shoelace come untied during my run too.

How in the world does that happen, especially when you have them double knotted?!


What is your after-alarm routine like? Do you dawdle in the mornings? 

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