When it comes to talking about the weather, I’m like an 86-year-old farmer who is trying to get their hay cut before the 4th of July. I’ve become obsessive to the point only old people understand.

But what can I say, when I saw it was 70* when I woke up this morning, I had no troubles getting out of bed! The humidity was low, the sky was blue… it doesn’t get better than this!

Except for fall running. Seriously, who doesn’t love running in the fall?!

And this fall, I’m especially stoked to run Ragnar Adirondacks with Maids of Dishonor! It is my pseudo-bachelorette party (my friends are wayy too spread out across the country to even think about planning something, especially since I’m already asking everyone to come to Jamaica) and I am excited to celebrate it with nine friends and strangers.

Some of my running mates have awesome blogs that you have to check out:

Dayna and Annie don’t have blogs (yet anyways, ha!) but you can follow them on Twitter. And also make sure to follow Maids of Dishonor on Twitter!

I am running two runner portions:

Runner portion 1:
1 – 9.3 miles
2 – 2.4 miles
3 – 5.1 miles

Runner portion 2:
1 – 6.1 miles
2 – 7.3 miles
3 – 6.7 miles


Total leg distances:
1 – 15.4
2 – 9.7
3 – 11.8


The first “leg” looks to be the hardest (and longest)… so it’ll be nice to have a shorter leg in the middle. I am so excited for this, even if I have no idea how to go about training for it!

Have you run Ragnar before? Which one? Any training tips for a Ragnar newbie? 

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