My legs are so happy that today is Friday! I feel like I kicked my training into a higher gear and oh my goodness, it was so hard to get out of bed yesterday. My body wanted a rest day but I made a deal with myself that I wouldn’t slack this week. So I did four miles. And got really excited that today is my rest day.

Now to figure out how far to run tomorrow? Hmmm….


Another GREAT thing about today is the fact that my kettlebell will be delivered!


I have big plans for this little kettlebell, we are going to become best friends for the next 11 weeks…

…why 11 weeks you may ask? Well that’s how many more weeks until we get married! Holy guacamole! I can’t believe how fast it is coming up.

I know there have been a lot of questions about various elements of my wedding so I thought I’d start a new post series…



So stop by Sunday for my first post… all about choosing a destination wedding and how we found our awesome location.


I also saw this on CNN yesterday. This guy has run for 16,075 days (well now it would be 16,076 today) and counting:



That is amazing… especially considering my body hated me when I tried to do the 30-day Runner’s World Streak! He has probably definitely had some days where it was tough to get out of bed…


And, I love this:

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