Last night we watched the Opening Ceremonies, which were pretty good… and I feel like I’m much smarter about the Olympics now, ha. I loved how they lit the Olympic cauldron.

I decided that we needed to have a ton of food to celebrate the Olympics but it ended up backfiring because I forgot to realize that I had to buy all the stuff after work which meant I didn’t get home until after 7 and still had to make everything. Thank you TiVo.

We ended up snacking on guacamole (my first attempt)…


Followed by some chicken wings and french fries and some flourless oatmeal raisin cookies (recipe coming soon!)…


…I still have seven-layer dip leftover for today (lunch?) and didn’t even manage to make the taquitos. Darn work always getting in the way…

Anyways, yesterday I was trying to figure out how far I was going to run today but after an exhausting and frustrating week, I decided to let myself sleep in instead of waking up at 6 a.m. for a long run. We ended up sleeping until 10:30. MUCH needed! Sometimes you just need to let your body tell you what you need to do.

Before I get into what workout I did do today, I need to apologize:

1) To the poor UPS man (or woman) who had to lug around my Amazon box with my 35 lb kettlebell… I’m sure you were cursing under your breath wondering what in the world this Lora girl ordered that was just so heavy.

2) To the people that live one floor below us and had to listen to me jump rope and lift said kettlebell for 40 minutes this morning… hopefully you had already went off to adventure in the city for the day.


I decided to get creative with my circuit training, play around with my kettlebell and fix that five-year-old girl style of jump roping:

I finished it up with a plank  and some kettlebell swings. I did three sets of 10… and ouch. My arms are tired and sore! I can’t wait to see what it feels like tomorrow.

By the way, my jump roping did improve. I have to concentrate quite a bit but I managed to ditch the dual jump for each rotation — wahoo! Now it’s time to dive into wedding mode and watch the Olympics.

What did you think about Opening Ceremonies? What are your plans for today? 

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