There are so many great sports that are part of the Olympics that don’t get the airtime they deserve. Like fencing, badminton or even ping pong. One of the Olympic sports that is actually pretty cool is the Discus Throw. Here are some fun facts about the Discus:

  • The discus throw has been around since ancient times and has been part of the Olympics since the first games in Athens in 1896 (for women, it began a little later in 1928).
  • Americans used to dominate the discus… but other than a woman’s medal in 2008, the U.S. hasn’t won since 1984.
  • Among men, the world record is 74.08 meters which was set in 1986 by German Jurgen Schult. The world record for women is 76.80 meters, which was set by Gabrielle Reinsch, also from Germany, in 1988.

If you want to tune into watch discus, it will be aired in the U.S. on August 6 and 7. But if you aren’t, you can participate in discus yourself with the Frozen Decathlon by Stonyfield.

I have been selected by Stonyfield as a competitor in the Frozen Oikos Decathlon and need your help! I am competing in the Discus Throw, which starts today, and my team — Peach Mango — needs your votes! The best part? You can win some pretty cool stuff just for voting. Go and check it out, and make sure to help me win the Discus Throw for Peach Mango! I may never be able to throw the discus more than 5 meters in real life, but you can help me win in a virtual way. Plus, who doesn’t like winning free stuff?!

What’s your favorite Olympic event? Have you ever tried throwing the discus?

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