Today was one of those mornings where I could not get out of bed when my alarm went off no matter how hard I tried. I think I regressed back to my days of not being a morning runner. And I gave into it, for two reasons:

1) I was invited to a Pure Barre event on the Upper West Side this evening so I’ll still get my workout in.
2) There is a reason I was feeling exhausted and while it’s important to push yourself, it’s even more important to make sure you are rested and ready to work out. While I wouldn’t have regretted waking up and doing the workout, I don’t regret giving myself some extra rest time before kicking off the week. Now, if I was in the middle of marathon training, that would be a different story!


Perhaps I’m tired from staying up too late watching the Olympics — but seriously, how can you not stay up watching this stuff?!

Poor Jordyn, I’m pretty sure everyone’s heart in America broke for her last night when it was announced that she didn’t qualify for all-around. I can’t imagine what it felt like to see that you didn’t make it, knowing that MILLIONS are watching your reaction.

What kind of rule is that, anyways? As C said, it’s like for the NCAA March Madness tournament, only picking so many schools from one conference because they want to give other conferences a chance. It should be a competition of the best of the best, after all, it is the Olympics?



Oh, and sad face, did you see Paula Radcliffe is out of the marathon? She has the worst luck with the Olympics. Even so, I think she should go down as one of the most amazing women marathoners in history.

And what about this dramz? Desi’s coach Keith Hanson told the press that she is dropping out of the marathon. Her response?


I think it’s time she find a new coach.

Speaking of the Olympics, today is a new day so please vote for Peach Mango again in the Discus Throw! Today is the last day of the discus competition and I need your support to come out on top. Plus, you can win some cool prizes.

And lastly, a reminder that there’s still time to enter my giveaway for Aquaphor and a $50 Visa giftcard! Good luck! 🙂


Do you feel guilty when you skip your workout? What did you think about Jordyn not making it to all-around finals? 

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