Last night I had the honor of attending a Pure Barre class at its Upper West Side location. Because I’m a terrible blogger, I forgot to take pictures. But let’s just blame that on the subways for taking so long!

Anyways, I got to say a quick hello to Megan at Run Like a Grl and we were off! We were told to grab weights, a resistance band and a tiny ball. I opted for the tiny weights because I was nervous why they were so small to begin with. I quickly learned that in Pure Barre, less is more. 

We started with some stretching. Easy enough. And then we moved on to some of the real moves. Like 90 seconds of planks. By time we were headed to the bar, I was sweating. Like dripping in sweat. I bet my fellow bloggers were so happy that I was there.

We did some bar work which involved (hopefully I can describe this right) holding on to the bar, putting your arms straight out and sitting back like you are in a straight-back chair and then doing the tiny movements. You know the whole less is more? Pure Barre lives and breathes it. It sounds simple — oh, I only have to move my hips my about an inch? No problem! Riiight. I’ve learned that smaller movements are much more effective than big movements.

We also did some ab work, back work and finished with some great stretching. My hips were cramping so bad at the end that I could barely do one of the last hip moves (but the instructor said that if your hip muscles are cramping, you’re doing it right). Well, and since my hip muscles are so lazy weak, I couldn’t even do the full move. I need to work on that at home and then *maybe* I’ll feel strong enough to give you a video of what it is.


The Bottom Line
Pure Barre’s class was really good. I was impressed. The hour flew by, my muscles are tired and sore and it was challenging. If I go to a fitness class, I want it to be different and hard because otherwise I feel like I could do it at home. And, it was amazing to meet some fellow bloggers! Plus, I finally got to try cucumber water (INGO), yes, I’ve been living in a cave.

Overall, if you have a chance to do a barre fitness class, DO IT. Go. Try it out. You will get a different workout than you’ve ever experienced (unless you are a ballerina) and it’ll be a fun way to sweat.


Have you ever done a barre fitness class? What is your favorite exercise class? 

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