To think that it’s already August! It felt like we were just saying hello to July…

I definitely started the month off on the right foot by getting a great run in this morning. C has today off (since he has to work on Saturday) and I’m totally jealous that he gets to sleep in and do nothing all day long… usually on days like this, I have a hard time getting out of bed because I would rather sleep in. I actually set my alarm a little earlier than I usually do during the week (but somehow those extra minutes slipped away from me).

Remember how at the beginning of last month, I set out a couple of goals? Here is how I did:

  • Participate in Tara Burner’s Plank, PushUp & Squat Challenge: I participated in this challenge but not to the extent that I was hoping… I think the rules said you had to do a plank, push up or squat workout each day for at least 5 days a week. There were some weeks when I hit all five days, and others when I didn’t. However here are the numbers:

Plank: Beginning of month, 1:18; end of month, 1:25
Push Up: Beginning of month, 14 in one minute; end of month, 26
Squat: Beginning of month, 24 in one minute; end of month, 24

  • Do at least 25 burpees a day, three days each week: Um yeah… definitely didn’t make this one! I think I did burpees once all month. Oops.
  • Stop jump roping like a (little) girl: Remember how I learned about this in CrossFit? I can say that I successfully accomplished this one! Check! (Although now I jump rope like an old lady. New goal?)
  • Increase my mileage: Wahoo! I can say that I’ve done this as well. I started integrating some longer weekday runs and some long runs on the weekends. Plus, next week I kick off training for Ragnar/Brooklyn Marathon so I will definitely be upping my mileage.


Goals for this month:

  • Complete the #plankaday challenge: I need to work on strengthening my core, and what a better way to do it than by doing a plank a day? I can’t wait to see what the results look like at the end of the month!
  • Get up to 50 kettlebell swings: Yep, still slightly sore from my kettlebell workout from this weekend (or is it from Pure Barre?!) but I want to keep increasing my strength and ability with these. If I can get up to 50 kettlebell swings without stopping, I deserve a lollipop. Or a jelly bean. Something.
  • Run at least 150 miles: OK, I’ve never put a number of miles on a month before. Can I do this much? I’m not sure. I think I can? So we’ll see!
  • Jump rope once a week: Since I finally perfected my jump, now it’s time to improve it! Let’s see if I can do it by jump roping one time a week.


Did you meet your July goals? What are some goals you have for August?

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